Single-occupant Floor

Capital VI will offer expansive rectilinear floor plates with a structural system optimized to support a wide variety of interior layouts.

<p><small>17,500 total SF</small></p>

17,500 total SF

Designed with a minimum of interior columns, at maximum spacing, it features an exceptional degree of flexibility in office layouts and addresses the need for ongoing adaptability in the workplace.

In addition, a highly flexible and interchangeable planning module is achievable with a 5’ x 5’ ceiling grid aligned with 5’ window mullion spacing. Extensive perimeter glazing allows for increased daylight penetration and views for all floorplate exposures.

The sample layout shown below illustrates these design features in a single-occupant configuration.

Multi-Occupant Floor

Capital VI will accommodate a variety of office suite sizes on Levels 2 – 10, each with extensive perimeter glazing to maximize views and exposure to daylight.

<p><small>17,500 total SF</small></p>

17,500 total SF

Individual suite entries can be prominently located directly off the elevator core creating a welcoming sense of arrival for each suite. Increased or decreased density is easily achievable for both open and enclosed office planning concepts. Extensive perimeter glazing allows for increased daylight penetration for all suites.

The sample layout shown on the opposite page illustrates the high degree of flexibility and adaptability achievable with the structural system and building planning module in a multi-tenant configuration.